Medical, Pharma, Life Sciences – Tubing and Fittings

Eldon James medical tubing and fittings have been tested and approved across a variety of industries.  EJ BioMed a division of Eldon James, is the first facility to manufacture, assemble, and package PVC-free tubing and fittings in a single cleanroom environment. It focuses on manufacturing products designed for medical device,  life sciences, bioprocess, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and other critical-use applications.

Many of our products are available with antimicrobial protection to inhibit colonization by pathogenic bacteria and the formation of biofilms.  Eldon James’ Flexelene™ Silver tubing and antimicrobial fittings contain Silver (Ag) ions that come in contact with bacteria and other microbes disrupting the electron transfer and respiration within their cells.

We feature medical and pharmaceutical products made from materials that are:

  • USP Class VI compliant
  • ISO 10993-4 compliant
  • ISO10993-5 compliant
  • Non animal derived
  • Autoclavable
  • PVC-Free, no DEHP or BPA additives