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Eldon James part numbers are based on 1/16th increments. For example a 1/8″ is a 2 and 1/2″ is 8.  A 1/4″ Coupler would be C0-4 and a 5/8″ to 5/16″Reduction Tee would be RT10-5.

Eldon James offers the widest variety of PVC-free accessories for industrial and commercial use on the market.

All of our part numbers are based on 1/16th increments, so size accordingly.

Our wide line of products are designed at our Denver, Colorado, facility with Green, environmentally friendly practices in mind.

PVC-free fittings, tubings, and accessories are known to be safe, clean, and effective, while their counterparts can often have negative impacts on the environment and the people who use them.

Eldon James has been developing these products since 1987, quickly becoming a trusted industry leader for PVC-free products for the automotive, medical, and food/beverage industries.

Product offerings include:

  • Our adapter, bulkhead, and panel mounts thread to barb fittings and allow for quick and easy connection of any tube or hose ends to the desired component. From automotive and industrial tubes to beverage lines, our adapter fittings are available in a variety of thread types to suit your industry needs.
  • The Eldon James line of bag ports, otherwise known as port plates, are designed for the medical tubing industry and provide the perfect alternative to PVC with low-density, flexible polyethylene that reduces its environmental footprint while still functioning at the highest quality.
  • Medical grade tubing couplers which meet the highest industry standards and grades while providing extra efficiency and safety with clean, non-PVC and antimicrobial materials.
  • Cross and Y-fittings which easily and effectively connect to any tube, from automotive to medical to beverage. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colorings based on the industry needs.
  • Elbow fittings from Eldon James provide efficiency and the smooth transfer of liquid between tubing or other channels. Made from organic, PVC-free materials and available in different sizes for versatile use.
  • Plastic luers from Eldon James are safely disposable and perfect for the medical and pharmaceutical industries and companies seeking a safe and reliable alternative to harmful plastics. We offer a wide selection of male and female luers for your industry needs.
  • Our dynamic, innovative swivel disconnect fittings are easily connected with no springs or other mechanical hindrances, allowing for reliable hookup of gas tubes, liquid lines, or other uses.
  • PVC-free tee fittings and T-connectors are best utilized as medical tube fittings, automotive fittings, and more. Shop our wide variety of threaded and other T-fittings, only at Eldon James.
  • Eldon James is the industry leader in high quality, PVC-free plastic tubing. We carry the best Flexeline automotive tubing, beverage tubing, medical tubing, and more, all constructed to meet our eco-friendly requirements in a cleanroom environment.
  • The Eldon James line of quality, stainless steel tube clamps are safe and easy to use. Organize your medical, beverage, automotive and other tubing and lock it in place with our clamps, cutters, pincers, and more.
  • Our fitting kits provide all of the accessories you need for your automotive, industrial, medical, or beverage needs. From elbow fittings to PVC-free tubing to connectors, all of our kits feature safe materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and more to provide a safe alternative to harmful PVC plastics.

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