Thread to barb fittings

Threaded barb adapter fittings allow for quick and easy connection of Eldon James PVC/BPA free tube/hose ends to almost any component.  Threaded adapters available in a variety of thread types, NPT, UNF, NPSM, NHR, BSPT, and Metric. Threaded Adapters , Bulkhead Fittings , Panel Mounts, Pipe Nipples, Garden Hose  and Color Code Clips  – threaded component solutions for the medical, food & beverage, and automotive industries.

Standard Color Code Clips

Eldon James’ line of threaded adapters, panel mounts, bulkhead adapters, and other fittings allows for the easy and safe connection between tubes and smooth transfer of gases, liquids, and more.

Whether you’re looking to lock in your automotive oil lines, plug your medical tubing, or even get a safe, PVC-free adapter for your home’s garden hose, Eldon James has the right materials for you.

Threaded barb adapter fittings create a safe connection, and the non-PVC, BPA-free plastic materials of which they are composed mean your liquids, consumers, and the environment will be safe from harmful chemicals.

From bulkhead mounts to adapter mounts to panel mounts, Eldon James is your one-stop shop for all adapters and fittings for use in medical fields, automotive and industrial industries, and the world of food and beverage.

The threads on our Eldon James adapters and fittings employs a difficult-to-break connection, so you can ensure you have all of the strength and more that you’ve come to expect from other plastic fittings.

We even have conversion nipples, insert plugs, and more medical grade fittings for times when you need to stop or route the flow of liquid or gases through your tubing.

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