Single-use bioreactor port disc

Bag ports, also known as port plates and port discs, are designed to be ultrasonic or thermal welded to medical and bio-reactor bags of like material. These single-use bags are used to transfer drug compounds, cell culture and fermentation as well as other media and fluids in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Port discs are also used in the biomedical market and laboratory environment in fluid management applications. Port plate fittings have also found their way into agricultural applications. Bag port boat welds are designed to weld into the seam of a bag. Barb sizes range from 1/8″ to 1″. Browse Opposing Barb Port Discs, Flat Plate Port Discs, Mini Dome Port Discs, Ribbed Base Port Plates and Boat Ports.Available in a single-use low density polyethylene, E8402 and natural Kynar® flex material.

Port Disc – Flat Plate (PND)

Port Disc – Mini Dome (PD)

Port Disc – Opposing Barb (PDO)

Port Plate – Ribbed Base (PP)

Bag Port – Boat Port (BP)