Eldon James Corporation Partnership Manufacturing

Eldon James has a history of working with other manufacturers and designers to facilitate speed-to-market. The company shares its expertise and manufacturing experience with organizations that are interested in developing relationships beneficial to both parties. In addition; molding or extrusion, based on a customer’s requirements, is often possible when quantity requirements are sufficient to offset tooling costs.

Eldon James Corp Design Capability

Eldon James offers a broad range of materials suited for a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking for something basic and affordable or a custom solution, Eldon James has the capabilities you’re looking for.

Custom Assembly

Eldon James offers state-of-the-art, cleanroom and industrial technical assembly services. Please contact Customer Support for information about custom fabrication capabilities and lead times.

Automotive and Industrial - Hose Connectors and Fluid Control Products

Eldon James products are used worldwide as components in fluid routing and vacuum systems for transportation and industrial applications. The company offers engineering/design PPAP capabilities; and partners in developing special applications products and private labeled products.

We feature materials and components for automotive and industrial applications that:

  • Have a high impact resistance
  • Meet automotive standard approvals
  • Are chemical resistant
  • Have a proven history of use in industrial and transportation markets