LASER CLAMP™ Welding Technology

Clamp and adhesive free solutions, assembly partnership, and PVC-free tubing and connector products.

EJ BioMed an Eldon James company, is revolutionizing the assembly process with its patent pending LASER CLAMP™ welding technology. Our single-barb connector design and coordinating tubing eliminates the need for clamps or adhesives. EJ BioMed delivers environmentally friendly alternatives to PVC tubing, fittings and assemblies.

Experience in processing advanced USP Class VI medical polymers, and attention to quality, has earned EJ BioMed ‘trusted source’ status among bioprocess engineering organizations and medical device designers.

  • Lower Joining Cost
  • No Particulate means less Contamination
  • Snag-free clamping with smooth weld beads
  • Less Part Stress
  • Precision Weld Joints for small sensitive parts
  • Can Join 3D Complex Shapes