SeriesLock™, a new innovative quick disconnect fitting allows a larger volume of fluid to pass through it at lower line pressures. Use the part configurator below to create a custom connector for your application.


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SeriesLock™ allows a larger volume of fluid to pass through it at lower line pressures. The unique Spring-Free Flow Path™ connector optimizes the flow, reducing restriction, turbidity, foaming and bubbles. It features the superior single barb technology proven to be more reliable in pressure and pull off tests. The sleek lines of this component are aesthetically pleasing and further enhance the look and appeal of the entire device.

Advantages of SeriesLock include:

  • Spring-Free Flow Path™ Connector
  • Male Valved Assemblies with Vented Spring Chamber Eliminating Fluid Cross-over
  • Valved and Non-Valved (Open) Options
  • Disconnect with No Spills (1)
  • Superior Single Barb Design
  • Overall Smaller Size Compared to Like Couplers
  • USP Class VI / ISO 10993 Compliant Materials
  • Safety Slide Release Minimizing Accidental Disconnects
  • Audible Click Confirms Correct Connection
  • Can be Sterilized
  • PP (Radiation, EtO)
  • PVDF (Autoclave, Radiation, EtO)
  • Non-Magnetic Spring Options Available

(1) See Datasheet for Spillage at rated pressures according to housing size.