Sanitary Flange Fittings

Eldon James sanitary flange fittings also known as Tri-Clamps were designed to optimize connections of TPE tubing, such as Flexelene™ FX, CFX and C-Flex® tubing allowing for ease of assembly but much higher pressure ratings. Flexelene™ 135C offers superior pumping with low spallation and flexibility at higher temperatures. Five materials are available in mini and 1” flange sizes. Barb sizes include 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, and 1”.

Suitable for use in many industries including single use pharmaceutical, biotech, beverage, diary, food and other industries where sanitary product flow is important.

Materials Available

  • Radiation Stable Polycarbonate
  • Polysulphone
  • Animal Free Polypropylene
  • Natural Kynar
  • CrystalVu™ is a BPA-free Alternative to Polycarbonate

Barb Sizes:

1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, and 1”

Leak Testing:

Tested with Flexelene™ (FX and CFX) tubing to burst of tubing at 180psi – 285psi

Additional Benefits

  • Smooth Inside Diameter Surface to reduce turbulence and dead space – 2-3 Microinches. 3X better than competition
  • Works with all Commercially Available Clamps
  • Class VII Cleanroom Manufactured
  • ISO 13485, ISO 9001 Certified Facility

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