Introducing SeriesLock™  the Spring-Free Flow Path Quick Disconnect Coupler

Changing the way you connect.

The unique Spring-Free Flow Path™ quick disconnect coupler allows a larger volume of fluid or air to pass through optimizing the flow, reducing restriction, turbidity, foaming and bubbles.

Three body sizes are available to accommodate barb sizes ranging from 1/8” ID to ¾” ID Tubing.

The new product was born from customer feedback. Customers asked for a product that could be disconnected easily with one hand while wearing gloves.  They also wanted assurance that the product would not accidentally disconnect when dropped or bumped.

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Product Features

  • Spring-free Flow Path
  • The safety slide release features an ergonomic design, allowing easy opening even when wearing gloves, and eliminates accidental disconnects.
  • The superior single barb technology is proven to be more reliable in pressure and pull off tests.
  • Non-Magnetic Springs for MRI Compatibility
  • Audible Click Confirms Correct Connection
  • Recessed Mating Features Protect Contact Surfaces
  • Cleanroom manufacturing, Gamma Stability and Autoclavable
  • Compatibility to Competitive Products – Coming Soon