Chemical Resistance
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Barb Thread Information
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KynarHighly compatible, but will discolor to brownish hue. Physical Properties typically improve.ExcellentExcellent
PolycarbonateCompatible to 10 M-Rad dose with little loss of physical properties. Will discolor to light yellow-green hue.Highly compatible with 100% EtO; may stress crack if sterilized in EtO/ CFC mix, due to molding stresses.Not recommended. May craze or stress crack due to molding stresses.
Radiation Stable PolycarbonateExcellent up to 10 M-Rad dose with little loss of physical properties. Light violet hue turns clear upon sterilization.Highly compatible. Withstands normal EtO sterilization conditions, but multiple exposures can reduce tensile elongation properties.Not recommended.
PolypropyleneExcellent up to 5 M-RAD. Some discoloration may occur at the higher doses.  No significant effect on physical properties.Fair; may stress crack in EtO/CFC mix due to molding stresses.Poor. Parts may distort due to low heat deflection temperature.
Stainless Steel see additional notes below**ExcellentExcellentExcellent
Nylon and Glass Filled NylonPhysically compatible with commonly used sterilization doses, but may discolor to brownish hue.Very Good. Some susceptibility to oxidizing agents.Very Good. Components may swell slightly due to water absorption.
ABSCompatible to 10 M-Rad dose with some loss of impact strength, but increased tensile strength. Some discoloration to slight brownish hue.Excellent retention of properties for at least 5 sterilization cycles.Poor. Parts may distort due to low heat deflection temperature.
Polyurethane (Tubing)Excellent. Some discoloration may occur, but reverses over time. No significant effect on physical properties.Excellent. No noticeable effect on material properties.Not Recommended. Hydrolysis of polyurethane may create aromatic amine impurities.
Polyethylene (Tubing)Excellent. Tensile strength increases and modulus of elasticity decreases due to cross-linking of polymer.ExcellentNot Recommended. Tubing may distort at common autoclave temperatures.
Kynar (Tubing)Highly compatible, but will discolor to brownish hue. Physical Properties typically improve.ExcellentExcellent

** Stainless Steel is also rated as excellent for the following methods of disinfecting and sterilization Formalin • Isopropyl Alcohol • Ethyl Alcohol • E-Beam • Dry Heat


The data presented in this publication is for reference only. It was compiled primarily from outside sources provided by feedstock materials suppliers and resin manufacturers, and is offered to our customers as a means of comparing the characteristics of resins and materials used by Eldon James Corp. at the time of publication. The particular conditions of your use and application of our products are beyond our control. Thus, it is imperative that you test our products in your specific application to determine their ultimate suitability. All information is provided without implied or expressed warranty or guarantee by Eldon James Corp, or the resin and feedstock manufacturers. Eldon James Corp. assumes no liability with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein and none of the information provided constitutes a recommendation or endorsement of any kind by the Eldon James Corp.

Last Modified September 11, 2018

Eldon James fittings are designed to work well in most applications using metric size hose and tubing. Due to the varying flexibility of different tubing formulations, Eldon James recommends requesting samples before placing quantity orders. The size chart below is provided to assist you in making sample requests.

Fits Metric Size Hose IDEldon James Barb #US Hose ID Inches
1.59 mm11/16″
2.38 mm1.53/32″
3.18 mm21/8″
3.97 mm2.55/32″
4.76 mm33/16″
6.35 mm41/4″
7.94 mm55/16″
9.5 mm63/8″
12.7 mm81/2″
15.9 mm105/8″
19 mm123/4″
25.4 mm161″