Eldon James Corporation PVC FREE Tubing and Connectors

Founded in 1987, the Eldon James Corporation began by creating a proprietary line of superior single barb fittings using the injection molded plastic process. In 2007 Eldon James diversified and developed complimentary lines of PVC FREE tubing. Our commitment to innovative, clean resins for our fittings and tubing differentiate us from many other manufacturers.

EJ Beverage

EJ Beverage is a division of Eldon James, a 27 year old manufacturing of PVC FREE plastic tubing and connectors. The vision of EJ Beverage is to enhance quality through innovation by manufacturing tubing and connectors for food and beverage markets globally. EJ Beverage has developed the world’s first full line of PVC FREE and antimicrobial tubing made and tested specifically for the food and beverage market. The EJ Beverage line of antimicrobial tubing has been proven to be up to 100% effective against the top 4 beverage spoiling bacteria.

Product Highlights

Over the last 27 years the Eldon James Corporation has become a leading manufacturer of quality plastic tubing and connectors. The following videos highlight capabilities and products manufactured by Eldon James. Eldon James is one of the only U.S. manufacturers that can produce, assemble and package 100%PVC FREE tubing and connectors in a single Class 7 cleanroom environment.